Photography Policy

Chesterfield Ladies FC has an approved policy on photos and videos which is in accordance with Football Association Safeguarding Policy:

All parents/guardians of Chesterfield Ladies FC players are asked to sign a form approving the taking and use of photos, videos etc. in circumstances as set out below. This will be incorporated into the registration process and therefore completed and reaffirmed annually. Those images taken or used by Chesterfield Ladies FC (“the Club” or ‘’CLFC’’) itself are in accordance with Football Association guidelines (see Safeguarding Policy). The Club will not be responsible for photographs or videos taken or used by any third parties.

The Club has identified the following circumstances under which photographic images of youth players or vulnerable adults may be taken. This is meant to be an indicative list for guidance and is not exhaustive or complete:

1. Video – coaching session for training purposes

2. Action shots – General photos of players during a game

3. Team photographs – posed group photos

4. Awards and ceremonies

5. Press coverage - local newspapers and specialist football press

6. Tours, festivals, tournaments at other clubs and grounds (dependent upon the hosting club’s own policy)

The Club will avoid using children’s names (first name or surname) in photograph captions. If the child is named, the club will avoid using his or her photograph. If the photograph is used, avoid naming the child.

Anyone taking photographic images or making a recording at a football event must have a valid reason for doing so. They should make themselves known to the event organisers and be able to identify themselves if requested to do so before, during or after the course of any event.

If a parent/guardian chooses not to sign the declaration or changes their mind at a later date, then the Club reserves the right not to allow the relevant player to participate in events where they could reasonably be expected to be photographed or videoed.

If you become aware or suspect that any images are being used inappropriately you should inform the club Welfare Officer.

In the case of other clubs with whom the Club comes into contact e.g. joint training, matches, festivals etc. the Club will advise them of our policy beforehand. If the other club does not have a similar policy and parental approval in respect of photographs is not available, the responsibility for monitoring photographic activity will rest with the officials of that club.

No photographs or video of children or vulnerable adults will be displayed in any public forum without express permission being given by the parent or carer. Photographs on Social Media from persons outside the club, the club will not be responsible for. Photographs on Social Media will only be used if express permission is indicated on the Clubs registration form.

If at any time either the parent or carer of the young person wishes the data to be removed from the website or social media, the club safeguarding officer should be informed in writing.

Visiting Teams/Photographers

Photographers from visiting teams or otherwise outside of Chesterfield Ladies FC are asked to strictly observe the policy as above but also to make themselves known to Chesterfield Ladies FC officials upon arrival at the club / playing venue, and must be able to identify themselves if challenged.