Who We Are

We at Chesterfield Ladies Football Club, aspire to provide quality training, development and education for the benefit of the individual, the football club and the sport as a whole in a safe learning environment where players are challenged but allowed to develop at their own rate. This not only covers the traditional physical and technical aspects of football, but also tactically, socially and psychologically.

However, we also want the players to have fun and enjoy football. We are a “football for all” inclusive club and believe the balance of fun and learning is essential to the development of a player. We do not forget that football is a game, especially for the younger age groups. Our identity as a club is not only expressed through the way we play football, but also through our coaching methodology and the relationships we have with our players and their parents.

How We Play

At the Chesterfield Ladies Football Club we emphasise the necessity of team play and believe “together we are stronger”. The club prides itself on our sporting pedigree and expect all players to be supportive of their teammates and not be critical. They must show also respect to all in football officials,coaches the opposition and spectators.

We aim to play a style of football which controls the match through possession based, passing football. We believe that it is vital for every player on the team, despite their role to have a good level of technique which enables them to be confident on the ball, keep possession and play with a positive mentality.

At Chesterfield Ladies  these are the key principles of play which we try to promote and embed into our junior teams’ style of play: 

●     Passing and Possession: We want each player to be comfortable on the ball and play a style of football where the tempo and flow of the game which is directed by ourselves, in order to penetrate the opposition and create goal-scoring opportunities.  We encourage movement and mobility from supporting players – providing width and depth.

●     Ball Control: We encourage players to want the ball and to use their creative side. This also helps each player to be comfortable on the ball even in high pressure situations. 

●     Body Positioning: When receiving and passing, body positioning can make a vital difference. A correct stance will allow the player to see a large number of options and also the opposition in order to decide whether to retain possession or attempt to penetrate and create chances. 

●     Communication: It is important for a team to communicate effectively in the team environment

●     Become tactical aware through different formations

●      Decision making: As mentioned before, we want our players to be confident in their abilities, therefore we encourage our players to take responsibility during games and be bold when making decisions and not afraid to make a mistake.

At Chesterfield Ladies  the  principles of play for our adult teams varies slightly were performance and consistency become more relevant as well as the aforementioned principles

How We Coach

At Chesterfield Ladies we don’t believe that a session just full of instructions and orders from a coach has a positive effect on a player’s development, as they are being commanded rather than coached.

Instead we try to allow the players themselves to contribute to their own learning. This is achieved through the use of questions and answers during a session, which allows the players to think for themselves and expedite their own learning process, as this is a form of guided discovery. 

In training we allow failure and mistakes, as not only it is a great form of learning, but also to give the players the confidence and belief to try things without pressure.

We encourage the players to express their opinions and ideas and as coaches we try to work with them and create a more collaborative learning environment.

We believe coaching is a two-way process, and that the player-coach relationship is vital in a player’s progression.

Our coaches: 

Use a positive and enthusiastic manner with players at all times. 

Connect with the group with the aims and objectives. 

Deliver realistic game related practices. 

Develop practises that enable players to make lots of decisions. 

Spend equal time planning, delivering and reviewing. 

Maximise playing time. 

Use varied coaching styles based on the needs of the group.

How We Support (Parents / Spectators)

At Chesterfield Ladies  all Coaches, Management & Administrators are volunteers, they are in it for the benefit of the players and for the enjoyment. All subscription fees go directly into the club for the benefit of all  teams and is a not for profit organisation. 

We require all parents and other supporters of players (be they relatives or friends) to be active within the club and not to treat the activities as a kid’s club or crèche. There are many jobs which need to be carried out whether on match days or at training sessions. These include: 

●     Goals / flags / barriers to be set up for home matches. 

●     Assisting with sessions and matches whether collecting balls and cones or helping out more actively assisting with the sessions themselves as an assistant Coach.

●     Maybe offering refreshments at home matches 

If you are keen to get more involved in coaching the club will arrange and pay for any courses, including FA Level 1 Coach, First Aid, DBS certification & Child Protection qualifications.

What We Expect (Players)

All players to come ready to learn, to take an active role in the session.

Players to always try their hardest, whether in a training session or in a match. They may be asked to fulfil a role unfamiliar and / or unpopular but we want to see the same level of commitment at all times.

Time keeping is critical so that sessions and matches run smoothly. Prompt arrival is a courtesy. Matches and sessions will not be delayed for late arrivals.